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The Genex Solutions are based on Service-oriented architecture, where the Business logic (Server) is implement using the Java or .Net based stack. The Business Services as REST/Web Services; and are used by the Presentation layer which is implemented in HTML5/CSS3 and Jquery. For Mobile, the UI stack can be bundled using PhoneGap or have native apps built.
Java Stack is based on:
Application Framework (IOC/DI containers): Spring or Guice.
Persistence Framework: Hibernate/MyBatis.
Application Servers: Tomcat6.x and JBoss
.Net 4.0 Stack is based on:
Windows Communication Foundation (or WCF): For Business Services. (Services are exposed as REST services)
Persistence Framework: Support Relational and NoSQL database engines, using LINQ.
Presentation Layer:
Use of HTML5/CSS3 with Jquery
For Mobile bundling the HTML5 based UI with PhoneGap/Cordova.
The messaging/communication protocols supported for communication between Presentation and Business Layers are:
Database engines supported:
Relational: MySQL/Oracle/MSSQL
NoSQL: MongoDB
At Genex have the skills for implementing the Text-Based search using;
- Apache Lucene
- Apache Slor