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We have a successful track record of delivering all projects on time. Our carefully defined quality processes deliver tangible benefits to our customers, which we feel, are of prime concern.
Since we address a variety of services across processes, we are able to meet the growing business requirements of our clients.

Development cycle : Our experience proves that the ability to outline a strategy when creating a project is an essential ingredient of its success. Most of our projects take a six-stage cycle in their development. Every stage is a stepping-stone to the next one, and together they lead to the desired result.

  • Stage 1: Business Modeling
    Estimated value definition, project planning and prototyping, conceptual design.
  • Stage 2: Management of Requirements
    Determine the scope of program features and specifications, hardware and software standards.
  • Stage 3: Analysis and Project Development
    Modeling parts of the program, their interconnections and level of compliance with client’s demands.
  • Stage 4: Realization
    Program code building. Also includes documentation, help files and tutorials writing.
  • Stage 5: Testing
    Unit and final testing to make sure the product fits client’s requirements.
  • Stage 6: Installation
    Delivering program to the customer and verifying its work in the operation environment of the end user. Product maintenance.

Result: the finished project meeting client’s needs and exceeding his expectations.